Heat pumps for


An energy efficient way to heat your home using proven renewable technology.

How do Heat Pumps work?

They extract latent heat from the air or below ground and compress it using electricity to multiply the heat energy, similar to how a refrigerator works but in reverse.

For every 1 unit of electrical energy put into a heat pump, it will output 3-4 units of heat energy. Incredibly efficient compared to general electrical heating.


Lower energy bills


Heat your home


Replaces a boiler – no gas supply needed


Ideal alternative to LPG or Oil


Minimal / invisible appearance

Which heat pump is best for my home?

Both offer excellent efficiency and a renewable solution, but which type is best for you?

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source can require a substantial amount of land and would need to be suitable for digging, so it’s better suited to new builds or renovations with large gardens.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source costs slightly more to run but can be installed anywhere and has lower upfront costs. It’ll still deliver excellent returns, saving you a substantial amount of money.

Perfect for Rural Locations

Counties like Shropshire and Hereford have a higher percentage of houses with no mains gas supply, a heat pump is a perfect replacement for LPG or Oil as they are far more convenient and offer dramatically lower running costs.

A renewable investment

Gas boilers are going to start being phased out in the near future to help meet carbon reduction targets, heat pumps offer the best renewable alternative and will deliver substantial savings over their lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my home suitable for a heat pump?

Most are, but it works best in properties with good insulation and air tightness. Contact our team and we’d be happy to provide more information.

How much does it cost / how much will I save?

As each project is unique there are a lot of variables, but we will perform a detailed heat loss calculation for your property when providing a quote, which will break down both the costs of the system, expected running costs and any expected RHI payments over the lifetime of the installation.

Are there government incentives?

Yes, RHI (renewable heat incentive) will pay you for generating renewable energy, substantially reducing the cost of installation and even making it a cheaper alternative than gas in many cases.

Don’t worry about the paperwork, we can manage the entire process for you, saving you the time and stress.

Renewable heating doesn’t need to cost the earth

While heat pumps do have higher upfront installation costs than a mains gas boiler you will see substantial savings in your utility bills and with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme you can get paid for generating energy using a heat pump, offsetting a substantial portion of the costs.

On top of this, if it’s a new build you won’t need a gas connection, potentially saving thousands of pounds.

This means that when you crunch the numbers the total cost can actually work out cheaper overall, plus you’ll benefit from cheaper energy bills for life.

Why don’t more people have heat pumps?

The technology behind modern day heat pumps was originally commercialised in the 1950’s and it has been consistently refined since then. They now represent a highly efficient, proven heating solution which is used around the globe.

Despite this, adoption in the UK is currently one of the lowest in Europe. We have traditionally favoured mains gas boilers and our trades are familiar with it. Yet with increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions and offer renewable energy solutions, heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular and many believe they will become the new standard of heating for new homes.

Our process / how it works

1. Tell us about your project

After you’ve given us a few details and we’ve confirmed the heat pump suited for your project, we’ll meet to discuss the options, usually on site (if appropriate).

2. Calculations & Quotation

We’ll perform a series of heat loss calculations for your property based on the information provided (may require SAP calculations / EPC certificate), then give you a detailed quotation along with projections for how much it’ll cost to run and how much you’ll save over 7 years.

3. Quote acceptance

Once you’ve formally accepted the quote we’ll schedule in the work as soon as possible.

4. Installation

We’ll fit your heat pump, test, commission and certify in accordance with MCS and hand over the heat pump.

5. RHI application

We’ll file the relevant paperwork, certify your project and offer assistance in order for you to apply for any eligible Renewable Heat Incentive payments, saving you the time and stress.

6. Ongoing servicing & maintenance

In order to maintain eligibility for the RHI and also to ensure ongoing obligations with manufacturers warranties, we can offer a maintenance contract or one off annual servicing to ensure your heat pump continues working optimally.

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