Heat pumps for

Developers & Architects

A current effective renewable alternative to Oil or LPG and gas as our future carbon emission targets will begin to restrict gas boiler installations.

We are the Heat Pump experts

With over 30 years experience and such, we can help you with every aspect of commissioning a heat pump for your project.


Location of the heat pump


Heat loss calculations


Size of the heat pump


Planning permission


RHI application process


Meet regulations

Why Heat Pumps?

Changing government regulations mean that gas boilers are phasing out, and heat pumps stand as the most efficient alternative.

They are a reliable, proven technology and whilst they require a degree of specialist knowledge to specify and install correctly, you could save a significant amount of time and effort.

An effective way to meet energy performance standards.

With modern projects featuring an increasing amount of glazing and large open spaces, specifying a renewable technology such as heat pumps can offer a helpful life line when it comes to SAP calculations and complying with Part L of building regulations.

How we can help:


We have access to the entire market and years of experience. Both of these points mean that we are more than capable to help find the best solution for your requirements.

For optimal running and maximised returns, the heat source needs to be sized appropriately. We offer a specialist analysis of heating systems including thermal cameras and thorough heat loss calculations.

Managed RHI applications

As MCS certified installers, we can manage the entire RHI process to ensure a successful application and maximise returns.


We can offer a complete installation service, either working alongside your team or taking on the entire project through our sister company Wilson Plumbing & Heating.

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